Sternsingen Rapperswil 2012

25.01.2013, 20:45 by Cordula Heggli

Since 1958, traditional Christmas Carolling has taken place in Rapperswil. From the second event it has always been held on the last Sunday before Christmas. The nativity play was written specifically for Rapperswil, the setting on the castle steps is unique and each year more than 1,000 spectators attend to sing the story of the birth of Jesus. There is a special atmosphere that arises as the procession with singing angels, over 100 amateur actors, and animals from the Capuchin monastery moves through the streets of Old Town. The play then starts at the castle steps.

Bedouin advance through the streets ahead of the procession to ask for donations. This too is part of the tradition. Each year the proceeds are awarded in full to an organisation. We are very pleased that PROJECT NEEMA was chosen for the Christmas Carolling on 23.12.12! Overjoyed, we were honoured to recently receive this large donation. Thank you very much to all the spectators who donated towards the construction of our primary school!

Sternsingen 2012

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