About us

PROJECT NEEMA - A Chance for the Children of Ngaramtoni


PROJECT NEEMA is an association registered in Switzerland. We work in partnership with Home of Hope Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in Tanzania.

We are a group of volunteers from all over the world who have each spent some time in Ngaramtoni, Tanzania. While in Ngaramtoni, we all crossed paths with Pastor Herry Laizer, an amazing local Maasai man who runs a non-profit organisation called “Home of Hope Foundation”. Herry has lived in Ngaramtoni since birth and now raises his own family there, not far from where he was born. He cares deeply for Ngaramtoni and works tirelessly to do all that he can for his community.

Through Home of Hope Foundation, Herry supports the people of Ngaramtoni, with a focus on children and women. Currently, Home of Hope brings change through the following programs: 

  • Nursery school/community centre
  • Women’s business group
  • Child sponsorship for primary level education
  • Tailoring course for women (a recent addition thanks to PROJECT NEEMA)

We – the volunteers of PROJECT NEEMA – aim to support Home of Hope in all of their endeavours.

Right now, our main objective is to fundraise to enable the construction of a Home of Hope Primary School within Ngaramtoni.

A Home of Hope Primary School, located on our newly acquired plot of land, will remove the need for our current sponsored children to navigate the crossing of a dangerous highway to attend school and will make it possible for many more children in Ngaramtoni to gain a vital education.

Please visit our tl_files/icons/link_intern.jpg Projects page to learn more about building the school and our other projects.

To learn more about Home of Hope Foundation and their programs please visit the tl_files/icons/link_intern.jpg Our Partner page.

The Inspiration for PROJECT NEEMA


In December 2011, Neema – one of our beloved sponsored girls – sadly died at the age of ten. She had a fall which led to organ damage which unfortunately could not be treated in time.

We cannot believe that this always smiling little girl is gone, but it is a small consolation to know that she experienced a lot of joy in her short life and that she had the chance to attend a good school for 3 months due to sponsorship.

In memory of Neema, we decided to get active, to bring change, to start now!

It was in communications following Neema's death that co-founders Cordula Heggli and Belinda Robb began to formulate a plan for the Project. Therefore it was only fitting that the Project should bear the name of this inspirational little girl and thus PROJECT NEEMA was born.

We have established PROJECT NEEMA to support Home of Hope in the best way that we can: through a worldwide network of volunteers who can reach out to people, share our stories and encourage others to help us support Home of Hope to enable children, like Neema, to better their lives and become future leaders in their community and the country of Tanzania. 

Please visit the tl_files/icons/link_intern.jpg Volunteers page to learn more about each of our volunteers and their unique experiences in Ngaramtoni.

To find out what YOU can do to help PROJECT NEEMA and Home of Hope Foundation to support the people of Ngaramtoni please visit the tl_files/icons/link_intern.jpg Support page.

Help us to bring a light to the children of Ngaramtoni and to make them laugh.