Tailoring course for young women

We are currently raising money to fund our FIFTH tailoring course for young women.

We can fund an entire nine month tailoring course for 12 women for just US $1,180.

We have run a tailoring course for young women every year since our first course in 2012! We have had great success with all of our courses so far – many of our graduates are now working in tailoring shops in Ngaramtoni!! Check out the photos below to see our graduates Katherine and Frida in action in their tailoring jobs.

We are very proud of what all of our graduates have accomplished and we are excited to help a new group of young women learn this valuable skill in 2016.

If you would like to help make our fifth tailoring course possible in 2016, please tl_files/icons/link_intern.jpg donate.

Why do we offer a tailoring course for young women?

Many young women in Ngaramtoni do not have even a primary-level education and therefore their job opportunities are extremely limited. Some women are lucky enough to find a job as a household maid, or to hold a small store at the market, but unfortunately many resort to prostitution to earn a living. Prostitution carries serious health risks, especially in Tanzania where condoms are not always accepted and the rate of HIV-infections and other sexually transmitted diseases is very high.

By providing these young women with the opportunity to take part in our tailoring course we are offering them the chance to learn a skill that can set them up in a safe and secure job and provide them with a life-long career.

Who runs the course in Ngaramtoni?

Our dedicated teacher Elinipa Loishiye does a fantastic job of teaching her students both the written theory behind tailoring and also the hands-on aspect of working on the sewing machines. She has been with us from the beginning of our first tailoring course and we are very lucky to have her on board.

Herry Laizer of Home of Hope Foundation oversees the course and ensures that our sewing machines are maintained and the students have all the necessary materials required to learn. He is also responsible for arranging the fabulous graduation ceremonies and certificates at the completion of each course!