Pastor Herry Laizer

Pastor Herry Laizer

Pastor Herry Laizer is the founder and Director of Home of Hope Foundation, a Tanzanian non-profit and PROJECT NEEMA’s partner on the ground.

Herry has enjoyed helping and educating people from a young age so it was only natural that when he married he settled down with his wife in the village he grew up in and became the Pastor of the local church. Eager to learn more and become more effective in helping others, Herry later attended Bible College (despite only having a primary level education), and graduated in 2008. Not satisfied with only helping the members of his church, Herry founded Home of Hope Foundation so that he could serve his whole community. He registered Home of Hope Foundation in September 2008 and has been working tirelessly for his community ever since.

In addition to serving his community, Herry has been busy raising a family with his lovely wife Milka. Milka works as a housekeeper at a hospital in the nearby city of Arusha. She works long hours and does gruelling shift work to earn her wages to help her family.

Herry and Milka have three wonderful children. They have worked hard to ensure that their kids will all receive a quality education. Their son Hillary is doing well at high school and their two daughters, Vicky and Praise are sponsored through Home of Hope Foundation and are extremely grateful to be able to attend Oloirien School.

Herry and Milka also take care of two other boys, Joshua and Samuel, who Herry encountered living on the streets and begging for money as their mother was unable to care for them. With their mother’s permission, Herry has arranged for the boys to attend a government boarding school. They spend their school holidays with Herry and his family.

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