Kitchen for Nursery School

Report by Cordula "Cora" Heggli

In addition to the construction of the toilet block in January 2011 we had several small-scale projects on the list. One wish of Herry’s was to enable the children to have a hot meal from time to time and to give them access to drinking water, as many of them miss out on this.

We bought wood and nails in Ngaramtoni and within one day friends of Herry constructed a small wooden hut with a lockable door to serve as a kitchen. We went to the market in Arusha to buying cooking utensils and cups - Herry bargained prices and this very successful! We also got hold of a large water tank and I had brought purifying powder with me from Switzerland to make drinking water. In the village we bought food supplies, and just two days later children beamed at us, holding their cups filled with porridge and enthusiastically eating their first lunch.