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There is a village in Tanzania, just outside of Arusha, called "Ngaramtoni".

In summer 2008, several volunteers spent weeks and months here. We lived with local families, received their openhearted hospitality and fell in love with the people, the countryside, and especially with the children.

While we were there, we tried to support the community and improve small aspects of the lives of the locals and when we returned home we left a piece of our hearts in Ngaramtoni.

Spread all over the world, we share one thing: the wish to give the children of Ngaramtoni a chance at life!

The Inspiration

In December 2011, Neema – one of our beloved sponsored girls – sadly died at the age of ten. She had a fall which led to organ damage which unfortunately could not be treated in time. In memory of Neema, we decided to get active, to bring change, to start now!



Have a look at our current projects and find many reasons to support us. You will also find information about completed projects, project updates, pictures and much more.



We would be extremely grateful if YOU would support us! We are aware that it can be a risk to donate, as one can never be sure that the money they have given is reaching its intended recipients. We promise that your money will be sent directly to Ngaramtoni, where it is needed!


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