Home of Hope Foundation

Home of Hope Foundation

Home of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Tanzania, and PROJECT NEEMA’s partner on the ground.

Home of Hope Foundation was founded by Pastor Herry Laizer to help his community of Ngaramtoni. He is supported by Nathanael Ndoika as General Secretary and Janeth Edmund as Treasurer. Janeth is also their nursery school teacher. Together they run Home of Hope with a particular focus on children and women. They are committed to helping both through education, training, and providing small business opportunities.

The main objective of the Home of Hope Foundation is to build a primary school in Ngaramtoni.

With the help of PROJECT NEEMA, Home of Hope Foundation has acquired a plot of land in Ngaramtoni. Building a primary school here will make it possible for many children in Ngaramtoni to gain a vital education.

Home of Hope Foundation also continues to bring changes to the community through the following programs:

1) Nursery School / Community Centre

The Home of Hope nursery school gives around 70 children every year a place where they can learn to read and write in preparation for primary school and where they can play in a safe environment. In the afternoon, when the children have returned home, the nursery school transforms into a community centre where the classrooms are used to conduct lessons for adults; mainly about HIV/AIDS and life skills.

2) Women’s Business Group

The women’s business group currently comprises 17 women who have been given a small loan to start a business. Herry meets regularly with this group of women to discuss their progress and help them to grow their businesses. 

3) Child Sponsorship for Primary Level Education

Currently the primary school children who are sponsored through Home of Hope Foundation attend Oloirien Valley School. To reach this school these children must cross an extremely busy road – the highway between Arusha, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. Building the Home of Hope Primary School will remove the need for the current sponsored children to navigate the crossing of this dangerous highway to attend school.

4) Tailoring Course

A recent addition to the Home of Hope Foundation is a tailoring course, set up and supported by PROJECT NEEMA, to help women in the community gain the necessary skills to earn a living as a tailor.


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