Completed Projects

Here you can find descriptions of projects which have been completed successfully

Toilet Block

In January 2011 Cordula returned to Ngaramtoni for two weeks to support Herry in his work for Home of Hope. Herry’s main concern was a toilet block on site, as previously the children used only a hole in the ground, which posed an enormous risk for the smallest children. Also, a few empty cement bags cut open and attached to a sparse wooden frame did not provide much privacy.


Relocating the Nursery School

We have our land, now it is time to build our school!

Our current goal is to relocate the Home of Hope Nursery School onto our new school site before 12th March 2014.



In addition to the construction of the toilet block in January 2011 Cordula had several small-scale projects on the list. One wish of Herry’s was to enable the children to have a hot meal from time to time and to give them access to drinking water, as many of them miss out on this.


Buying a Plot

On August 2nd we paid the amount owing on the land to Home of Hope Foundation. The plot is now completely paid for! The property is located just outside the town centre of Ngaramtoni. Have a look at some photos and discover the neighborhood with Google Maps.