Basic Needs Nursery School

Basic Needs

The most important basic human needs are food and water. Unfortunately many families in Ngaramtoni are unable to provide adequate nutrition and safe drinking water and their children suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

Since the construction of the kitchen at the Home of Hope Nursery School site in January 2011 it has been our objective to provide the children with a hot, nutritious meal and clean drinking water at least three times a week.

Clean drinking water is attained using a large tank in which water is mixed with Katadyn purifying powder to make it germ-free.

Porridge is cooked over an open fire using the staples: corn, sugar and oil. It is a great joy to watch the children as they enjoy eating their lunch out of their colourful cups.

It costs only CHF 150.- (~USD 165.-) to buy a two month supply of porridge ingredients, firewood and water, plus pay the cook!

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